Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy (also called Physical Therapy) is a health care profession primarily involved in the treatment of impairments involving the moving parts of the body. It involves the promotion of movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and intervention using various forms of physical modalities, manual therapy and exercise. The scope of practice spans most areas of medicine and physiotherapists may specialize in any of these areas.

    (See also under ‘About Physiotherapy’ on the home page.)

  • Do I need a Doctor’s referral for physiotherapy treatment?

    You do not need a referral from a doctor to have physiotherapy treatment; however, it is a requirement of some of the extended medical plans that you have a doctor’s referral in order to be reimbursed. Check with your extended medical carrier.

  • What Conditions do you treat?

    A wide variety of conditions are amenable to physiotherapy. Basically, if it involves the moving parts of the body we can help. For details see under Explore on the right side of the home page. Conditions are listed by area of the body under ‘injuries and conditions’.

  • How long will my treatment last?

    60 minutes is allotted in the schedule for the initial visit for a new condition. 30 minutes is alloted for subsequent visits.  The actual time in ou Clinic is dependent on individual circumstances and is often longer.

  • What should I wear?

    You should wear or bring loose clothing which will allow easy examination of the areas which are injured (i.e. shorts for a knee problem).  Hospital gowns can be provided.

  • Where is the clinic located?

    We are located at 106-9710 2nd Street in Sidney.  That is just south of Bevan Avenue (1 block south of Beacon) on the west side of 2nd Street.

  • What patient groups do you see?

    As well as private patients we also provide therapy for those on Premium Assistance with BC Medical, WorkSafeBC (and out of province WCB), DVA (Veterans Affairs), ICBC and RCMP. Compex hand problems are referred to Island Hand Therapy in the same premisis.

  • Does my extended health plan cover physiotherapy and if so will I have to pay or can you bill them directly?

    Physiotherapy treatment is usually covered by most extended health plans.  To date we are able to directly bill:
    Pacific Blue Cross
    Sun Life
    Great West Life
    Standard Life
    Maximum Benefitor Johnston Group
    Industrial Alliance
    Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
    Johnson Inc.
    Cowan Insurance 

  • How much does a treatment cost?  Will the government cover any of the treatment?

    The cost to you is dependent on whether your case is covered by a third party. We accept patients under WCB (WorkSafeBC), ICBC (Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Accidents), DVA (Veterans), RCMP, Premium Assistance or Private. For those private patients with extended medical coverage, physiotherapy is usually covered, at least in part. 

See treatment fee schedule below:

Private Rate Initial Treatment



($80.00 as of Feb 1, 2019)

Private Rate Subsequent Treatment



($70.00 as of Feb 1, 2019)

BC Medical Premium Assistance



ICBC Clinic Fee



($40.00 as of Feb 1, 2019)



Full Coverage Available

Please call the office if you have any questions regarding fees.

Note:  MSP will only cover 10 visits per year for those who are on premium assistance (must have a combined family income of $30,000 or less per year.)  MSP does not cover the user fee of $20.00 which is due upon completion of each treatment.

  • What should I do if my injury is the result of an MVA?

    ICBC is required to cover medical expenses for injuries suffered in an MVA; however, you must notify them of your injury as soon as possible and sign a Part 7 Benefits form. Although some physio visits may be covered regardless, it is usually a good idea to see your doctor, inform him that your injury is due to an MVA, discuss whether physiotherapy might be of benefit and get a referral for physiotherapy.

  • What should I do following a workplace injury?

    * Report your injury to WorksafeBC as soon as possible and get a claim number. As long as you have applied for a claim number your initial assessment will be covered so you can book your first appointment.  Once the claim is accepted you are eligible for 6 weeks of therapy plus a possible 4 weeks extension. You may, at your descretion, delay the start of the 6 weeks treatment until the claim is accepted.