TeleRehab is a form of Telehealth which allows physiotherpists to establish a direct video/audio link to the patient (think FaceTime) which is fully encripted to protect privacy.

This technology has been in use for more than the last 10 years by a wide variety of health care professionals and educators, primarily in order to serve those located in areas were it is not easy to provide in person services.



  • Connecting patients to providers who could not otherwise be connected

  • Decreased cost to the patient (less travel and less time lost, ie Gulf Island patients)

  • Work with the patient in their own home environment

  • Convenient



  • High speed internet connection

  • A laptop, tablet, or smartphone with camera and microphone. Desktops will work but are less useful unless they have a separate, portable camera.

  • A suitable private space with area to move around in.

  • Loose clothing and the ability to show your pertinent parts if required.


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