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At Sidney Physiotherapy Clinic it is our job to restore your mobility and keep you moving.  We treat people of all ages and a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, acute and chronic pain, joint and soft tissue issues, dizziness (vertigo) and post surgical rehabilitation. We also treat patients following MVA (motor vehicle accident) and work related injuries (WorkSafeBC; formerly WCB)



We start with a complete assessment and help you on the road to recovery using scientifically sound and clinically proven techniques such as manual therapy, electrical modalities, massage (as part of the overall treatment) and exercises.



We personalize your treatment by assessing and altering lifestyle and workplace habits and developing an exercise plan to speed recovery and prevent re-injury. Patient education is an important part of our philosophy and we invite you to check out the extensive library of articles and illustrations in our Patient Education section to the right.



Sidney Physiotherapy Clinic has teamed up with the Island Hand Therapy Clinic, who also provide services at our location.


Note: Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy are synonymes!